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The Team Driving Neri Engineering-

CEO                           :    Sunil Baglani.
Fin. Manager            :    Philomena
Production (Bom.)   :    S. Hebbar.
Production(Rnr.)     :    Venkatesh.
Marketing                :    Nagabhushan
Puchase                  :     Ravichandra.
Quality                    :     Venkatesh

Suttit BagCani: Has more than 15 years experience in setting up and running manufacturing industry. Under his management the company has seen a growth from 0.5 Mi USD to the present level of 7 Mi. USD.

Philomena: Has almost 5 yrs of experience in accounts & finance. He is a team member to ensure the company has its Fund flowing and well accounted.

Hebber.  S. Has made excellent contributions in productivity-

improvements and has 13 years of experience in Quality and manufacturing.

Venkatesh : A tool maker by education has spent more time in managing manufacturing industry. He has 15 years of management experience and is a good team leader.

Nagabhushan : Has 5 years experience in Quality. He has been successful in motivating and training production team towards achieving Quality at the production stage & is now working with a new challenge of marketing.

Ravichandra : Has 10 yrs experience in Purchasing. He is a team member who is responsible for JIT in purchase and Inventory control

Venkatesh : Has almost 12 years of experience in the Quality field. Has worked at all levels in the quality department & is well versed with a variety of instruments and is a fast learner.

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