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1.NE-2002AH CNC system for plasma/flame cutting machine

  •  Adjusting acceleration or deceleration during process
  • G41/G42 slotted compensation and continous small line for  smooth functions
  • Arc voltage height control adjusts corner speed automatically
  • Dynamic graphics display,automatic fixed point tracking feature,scaling,mirroring and rotating
  • Display 64BT file name and users can recognise stored files
  • Internal signal for self-test function helps to quickly solve machine failure
  • Multiple selections processing means and extension piercing available for thick plate
  • Power failure recovery,breakpoint memory and regression function during process 
  • Program transfer through USB. Support CAD/CAM graphic file, G code and manual program at ease



2.NE-2012AH-QG color display CNC systems for plasma or flame cutting machine

  • Dynamic graphics adaptable for 7" TFT color LCD
  • 32M~64M storage capicity for big program and processing will not be limited in capicity
  • Internal plasma/flame cutting technology with slotted compensation
  • Power failure recovery, breakpoint memory and same route back before continuing
  • Continuous small line smoothing functions
  • Compatible with CAD/CAM nesting software such as IBE
  • ARM7 processing chip, high reliability and pass of EMC testing
  • Support 2~4 linkage-axis , 13-way optical isolated input and 8-relay output



3.NE-2200H Industrial plasma/flame cutting machine CNC system

  • Industrial ARM process core, large-scale gate array hardware interpolator
  • Internal caching pre-processing technology ensures processing continuity
  • Can change between plasma to flame by pressing one key
  • New algorithim and small line smoothing functions
  • Adjusting acceleration deceleration during process
  • Newly added arc voltage torch height controller function
  • Dynamic graphic display, scalling, mirroring and rotating of cutting image
  • Electronic gear regulator enables a controller to different machines
  • Perfect compatible with CAD/CAM and various nesting softwares such as IBE
  • Deferment , pre-heat, pirece, flame radius compensation, continuous regression and power failure recovery




4.NE-2600H Industrial plasma/flame cutting machine CNC system

  • Precise position with acontrol equivalent of 1um
  • Accurately display dynamic point location of the cutting machine with a precision of 1um
  • Deceleration at angular as well as arithmetic acceleration or deceleration ensure a stable running machine
  • Examine cutting path via dynamic graphics during process
  • One-key process technology switch function among plasma, flame and marking device with an option of additional special technology
  • Add parts to the graphic library directly and generate a new program 
  • Alignment of processing program and automatically search process starting point according to reference point set




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