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SPM-3500 which is a new all-digital AC servo drive, independently researched & developed by ourselves. Specialized digital signal processing, field programmable gate array intelligent power module as the newest technology. SPM-3500 is highly integrated & small in size, fast response consummation protection, highly reliability &easy to install. It is suitable for high precision CNC machines, automated production lines & manufacturing machinery such as in the field of industrial automation control.

Input power supply

Single-phase/Three phase A.C.220V – 15-+10% 50/60HZ
Environment / working temperature 0°c - 55°c storage / 20°c - 80°c
Humidity Less then 90°c (Non condensing)
Vibration Less then 0.5G (4.9/ms2)10 – 60HZ (Non continuous)
Working functions 1) Position control 2) External speed control 3) Internal speed control
4) Speed trail-run 5) Speed JOG 4) Encoder zero return
Communication Built-in / external linkage
Control input Servo enable, alarm cancellation, positive disable, negative disable, Zero speed clamping, offset counter res/speed select 2CCW torque limit 7 other 10 input signals.
Control output Servo ready, output servo alarm, positioning completion/speed arrival, holding release, motor zero speed, reach at speed output.

Position Control

Electronic gear ratio

Gear ratio number: 1-32767 Gear ratio denominator: 1-32767
Encoder feedback 2500/pr(resolution:10000) incremental encoder
Speed control 4 kinds of internal speed instructions & v(+10V- -10V) external analog voltage commands
Monitor functions Speed, current position, instructions pulse accumulation, position deviation, more torque, motor current, linear speed, rotor absolute position, command pulse frequency running state, input/output terminal signal
Protection function Over speed, over voltage / under voltage of main power supply, over current, over load, break abnormity & position oversize
Display operation 6bit LED, 4 pressing keys


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