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Housing diameter 58 mm. Made from encoder module,
high stability, good anti-interference, long working life.
Connector :Cable axial, Cable radial, Plug axial, Plug radial.
Applications : Measure the distance, print machines, fork truck, computer numerical control tooling machines.







Electrical specifications

Output wave

Square wave
Output signals A,B,Z,(Line driver output A,A,B,B,Z,Z phase)
Current consumption <=180mA
Response Frequency 0-120KHz
Output phase difference 90 degree +_ 45 degree
Supply voltage 5V DC,5-12 V DC,12-24 V DC
Signal level VH>=85%Vcc,VL <= 0.3V
Number of pulses 100,150,125,150,180,200,250,256,300,360,
2000,2048,2400,2500,3000,3600(other number of pulse available on request)
Output circuit Open collector NPN ,Push pull,Line driver,Voltage

Mechanical specifications

Speed without sealing

Square wave
Rotor moment of inertia Appr. 4.0*10^-6 Kgm^2
Starting torque without sealing <=4.0*10^-3 Nm(+25 degree celcius)
Maximum load permitted on shaft Radial 20N,Axial 10N
Shock resistance 980m/s^2,6ms,2times each on XYZ
Vibration proof 50m/s^2,10-200Hz, 2 hours each on XYZ
Working life MTBF >= 30000h (+25degreen celcius,2000rmp)
Weight Appr.195g(7 pin plug radial)

Mechanical specifications

Working humidity

30-85% (No condensation)
Storage temperature -40degree celcius -100 degree celcius
Working temperature -25degree celcius - 85 degree celcius
Protection class ip54
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