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Portable & Detachable Plasma / Flame Cutting Machine

Very useful man-machine interface

  • The beam can be disassembled easily, to pack and ship to work site
  • Sealing perfectly dust-proof
  • Light, Smart, Portable and Detachable


  • The overall processing machine base has good stability
  • Using beeline and double-slide lead rails, high accuracy and detachable structural design for arm, convenient to transport and install
  • Rigid structure, well coordinated, light weight
  • Using CNC of Neri Start Microstep Control Technology
  • Machine rail is made in steel / aluminum

The following character

  • High reliability, such as anti-plasma jamming, and lightning strike, Surge.
  • 32-64MB large users program storage capacity.
  • During plasma processing, auto-complete the speed control of the corner.
  • Rich software features and practical flame/plasma cutting processes.
  • In particular small line section procedure of processing can be widely used. Can be expanded to 4 axis linkage functions.
  • Dynamic graphics zoom in 1-8X of the graphics, fixed point for automatic tracking.
  • Using USB Flash Drive reading helps in easy & software up-gradation.
  • Built-in the rich graphics, makes programming easy to learn.

It can be used for cutting any shape that consists of arc and straight lines
Precision: National standard JB/T 10045.3-99
Not occupying fixed place.
Effective cutting width      : According to model
Effective cutting length     : According to model
Effective cutting thickness :  Flame cutting   : 0-150mm
Plasma cutting : 6-150mm
Speed : Plasma cutting 0-4000 mm/min unload > 8m
Flame cutting 0-1000 mm/min unload > 8m


Input voltage: 220V Gas depression: Max0.1Mpa
Power frequency: 50HZ Oxygen depression: Max1.5Mpa
Rated power: 180W Suitable gas: Acetylene, proagas, methane
Display: 5.7inch Cutting type: Flame, plasma
Total weight: 80Kg to 150Kgs-
(depending on model)
Cutting thickness: Flame cutting: 0-150mm
                           Plasma cutting: 6-150mm

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