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Supporting automatic half current function of motors in statical status, which can reduce heat dissipation of the motors. The AC servo drive principal is used providing AC servo rotation characteristics & three phase sine wave current output. The internal drive  voltage reaches 50/60V which can provide better high speed. Supporting automatic half current function of motors in statically locked status which can greatly reduce heat dissipation of motors. The subdivision function can be set through the DIP switch to ensure the best operation stability. It almost does not have the resonances & creeping area common to stepper motors. The output phase current can be set through the DIP switch featuring a very low operation noise & closing to the AC servo level. Optical coupling devices are used for the isolation of the input circuit of the control signals to reduce interference of external noises. The sine current drive mode is taken so that the no-load start frequency of a motor.

Performance Parameter 

Supply Voltage

AC 220V +_15%,50/60HZ,capicity 350VA/axis
Output phase current 1A ~ 6.8A
Driver way Three phase sine wave current output supporting automatic half current function
Cooling method Environment strong cooling
Operating environment Avoid environment with a great amount of metallic powder,oil,mist or erosive gases
Operating temperature 0° -55 ° celcius
Operating humidity < 75% (Non condensing)
Vibration Less then 5.9M/S




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